Actor Posani Krishna Murali Criticizes Pawan Kalyan’s Work Ethic and Political Commitments

Posani Krishna Murali, a renowned Tollywood actor and a member of the YSR Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh, recently spoke to NTV about his thoughts on the upcoming state elections. During the interview, Posani shared some strong opinions about Pawan Kalyan’s commitment to the film industry, recalling an incident that occurred during the filming of “Sardaar Gabbar Singh.”

According to Posani, there was a heated exchange with Pawan Kalyan when the latter, who was both the lead actor and producer of the film, failed to show up on set for an important scene, causing delays. Posani, who played a role in the movie, eventually left the set due to the long wait. Pawan Kalyan, upset by Posani’s departure, called him to discuss the issue, leading to a confrontation where Posani criticized Pawan Kalyan’s lack of punctuality. Following this incident, Posani claims he was sidelined from the film.

These events raise questions about Pawan Kalyan’s focus on his film career amid his political responsibilities. Despite his star power, his recent films haven’t performed well at the box office, with his last notable hit, “Attarintiki Daredi,” dating back a decade. Pawan Kalyan’s involvement in politics seems to be affecting his ability to dedicate time to his film projects, resulting in rushed productions with lackluster results.

To revive his success in cinema, Pawan Kalyan may need to reconsider his approach to balancing politics and film, potentially devoting more time to each project to ensure quality and box office success.

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