Aishwarya Shankar, Daughter of Renowned Director Shankar, Engaged to Assistant Director Tarun Karthik

Renowned film director Shankar’s eldest daughter, Aishwarya, has recently announced her engagement to Tarun Karthik, who previously served as an assistant director under Shankar. The news has sparked a flurry of excitement across social media platforms.

Aishwarya’s journey to finding love has been notable. In 2021, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, she entered into matrimony with Rohit in an intimate ceremony. Unfortunately, their marriage did not stand the test of time, resulting in a divorce. However, Aishwarya has now found happiness again as she exchanged rings with Shankar’s assistant director, Tarun Karthikeyan, in a joyous event on Sunday.

Prior to this engagement, Aishwarya’s former spouse, Rohit, faced controversy when allegations of sexual harassment surfaced involving a cricket coach named Thamarai Kannan. Rohit, a state-level cricketer and scion of a prominent business family, was embroiled in the incident. In response, Shankar, who had been planning an elaborate reception to gather the film fraternity in May 2022, decided to cancel the event abruptly.

Despite the setbacks, the entertainment industry is rejoicing at the news of Aishwarya Shankar’s engagement. Aditi, the younger daughter of director Shankar, shared captivating photographs from the splendid ceremony, adding to the celebration of love and family.

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