Akira Can’t Wait to See OG on the Big Screen, Reveals Adivi Sesh

By Rishi Jul 1, 2024 #akira nandan #OG movie

OG is set to be one of the biggest films in Telugu cinema, with Pawan Kalyan leading the cast. Directed by Sujeeth of ‘Saaho’ fame, the film also features Emraan Hashmi in a significant role.

In a recent interview, popular actor Adivi Sesh shared that Akira, Pawan Kalyan’s son, is eagerly anticipating the film. ‘Akira is dying to watch his dad in the role of a gangster,’ Sesh revealed. Sesh and Akira share a close bond, adding to the excitement surrounding the film.

OG is poised to be a major milestone in Pawan Kalyan’s career, though it is still in production. Pawan Kalyan is expected to join the shoot soon to wrap up the film. Stay tuned for more updates!

By Rishi

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