Anasuya and Sekhar Master Face Backlash for Reality Show Antics

By cinema manishi Jun 24, 2024 #anasuya

Celebrities often push boundaries on camera, especially in reality shows, leading to controversies and trolling. Recently, Anasuya and Tollywood’s renowned choreographer Sekhar Master found themselves in such a situation.

Anasuya, an anchor and actress, participated in the reality show “Kiraak Boys Khiladi Girls” on Star Maa. Sekhar Master joined her on the show, and their antics in a promo video, where they were seen pulling off their costumes, sparked controversy. Many viewers criticized them for crossing the line on a widely watched TV show.

Celebrities should ensure that vulgarity doesn’t overshadow their performances on TV. This issue is not new, as similar incidents have occurred on shows like “Jabardasth” on ETV and various seasons of “Bigg Boss.” Reality shows often use such tactics to boost viewership, which is concerning.

The public is now waiting to see how Anasuya and Sekhar Master will address this controversy, possibly through tweets or statements on social media.

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