Anirudh Ravichander’s Silence on Indian 2 Raises Questions

Tamil music sensation Anirudh Ravichander has scored the music for Indian 2, set for release tomorrow. While the film’s score and songs have been well-received, many are questioning Anirudh’s unusual silence regarding Indian 2.

In recent times, Anirudh has established a trend of tweeting hints about upcoming films after watching their final cuts. He did this for his previous projects, such as Jailer, Jawaan, and Leo, just before their releases, which significantly boosted their hype. He also followed this pattern for Devara ahead of its teaser release. However, Anirudh has remained silent about Indian 2, not mentioning anything about the film on his official X/Twitter account.

Indian 2 is currently experiencing low buzz, with promos and trailers not impressing audiences as expected. With the film’s release imminent, fans are eagerly awaiting Anirudh’s tweet to potentially boost its opening. Given that Indian 2’s performance will impact the production and planning of Indian 3, Anirudh’s endorsement is seen as crucial. Let’s see how the Music Director responds to this situation.

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