Are Vijay Deverakonda and Dulquer Salmaan Returning for Kalki 2? Nag Ashwin Reveals the Possibility

The mythological sci-fi blockbuster Kalki 2898AD, featuring Prabhas, has taken the box office by storm. Prabhas’ powerful screen presence, along with the intense performances of Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone, has made this film a major hit. Additionally, Vijay Deverakonda and Dulquer Salmaan made notable cameos.

Director Nag Ashwin recently spoke with a Bollywood media outlet about the film. When asked if Vijay Deverakonda and Dulquer Salmaan would appear in Kalki 2, Ashwin responded, “Their roles are quite specific, but there’s potential to expand them, especially for Dulquer Salmaan.”

Ashwin further commented, “For now, their roles remain as they are. However, I’ve seen some intriguing fan theories. If any of those ideas make sense, or if a better concept arises, I’ll definitely consider including them. After all, all writers are greedy for good ideas (laughs).”

By Rishi

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