Arrest Warrant Issued Against Comedian Pruthviraj Over Alimony Dispute

By cinema manishi Jun 13, 2024 #pruthviraj

Tollywood comedian and character artist Pruthviraj, popularly known as 30 Years Industry Pruthviraj, is currently embroiled in controversy. A Vijayawada family court has issued an arrest warrant against him following a case filed by his former wife, who claims Pruthviraj has failed to pay 8 lakhs in alimony.

The court’s decision came after Pruthviraj allegedly skipped court sessions and neglected his alimony payments. As of now, Pruthviraj has not responded to the arrest warrant. It remains to be seen whether he will attend the upcoming court sessions or continue to send his legal representative.

This incident is part of a troubling trend among celebrities recently. Tollywood actress Hema was recently found at a rave party in Bengaluru and is currently under investigation. Similarly, Kannada actor Darshan has been convicted for his alleged involvement in a murder case, shocking the public. Darshan was taken into custody and is undergoing investigation, with strong evidence potentially leading to his conviction. An actress is also reportedly involved in this crime, adding another layer of intrigue to the case

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