Bharateeyudu 2: Low Buzz, High Ticket Prices – Will It Succeed?


Bharateeyudu 2,” the Telugu dubbed version of “Indian 2,” is set for a worldwide release tomorrow, July 12th. Despite its low buzz, the film’s Telugu state rights were sold for 25 crores. Advance bookings have opened with high ticket prices, raising questions about its potential success.

The Telangana Government has approved a significant ticket price hike for “Bharateeyudu 2.” The film’s business is lower than that of medium-budget Telugu films, making the hike surprising. The increased ticket prices will be in effect for one week, with a ₹75 hike in multiplexes and ₹50 in single screens. Additionally, there will be five shows per day.

High ticket prices can impact films, even those with strong buzz. While audiences might still attend major releases despite price hikes, smaller or medium-budget films may struggle. If “Bharateeyudu 2” receives negative reviews, it could face significant challenges at the box office.

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