Bujji Meka: An Emotional Roller Coaster from Pottel

By cinema manishi Jun 21, 2024 #bujji meka

Young director Sahit Mothkhuri, renowned for Bandham Regad and Savaari, is set to captivate audiences again with his latest film, Pottel. Set against a rural backdrop, the film stars Yuva Chandra Krishna and Ananya Nagalla in lead roles. The promotional material has already generated considerable buzz, and the release of the new song, Bujji Meka, has further heightened anticipation.

Bujji Meka is a beautifully crafted song, blending a roller coaster of emotions with Kasarla Shyam’s poignant lyrics. Kaala Bhairava’s emotive vocals deliver a rich tapestry of feelings, making it another chartbuster for composer Shekar Chandra, who deserves all the accolades for his work. The film is produced by Nishank Reddy Kudithi and Suresh Kumar Sadige, with the team currently seeking the perfect release date to bring this compelling rural drama to theaters.

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