CM Revanth Reddy Announces New Guidelines for Movie Ticket Price Hikes in Telangana

By Rishi Jul 2, 2024 #revanth reddy

To secure a ticket price hike in Telangana, movie producers must now comply with specific government guidelines. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy announced these new regulations, which aim to promote social awareness through the entertainment industry.

According to the new guidelines, if a film seeks a ticket price increase, its lead actor must participate in two public awareness videos: one addressing cybercrime and the other focusing on anti-narcotics. These videos must be submitted alongside the price hike request and screened before the movie’s premiere in theaters.

The government will only approve the ticket price hike if these conditions are met. This innovative initiative by CM Revanth Reddy has received widespread praise from netizens. Additionally, Revanth Reddy expressed gratitude to Tollywood star Megastar Chiranjeevi for his active involvement in the anti-narcotics campaign.

By Rishi

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