Hyderabad JNTU Students Find Rat Swimming in University Mess Chutney

By Rishi Jul 9, 2024 #hyderabad #jntuh

Students at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad’s Sultanpur were taken aback when they allegedly discovered a rat swimming in the chutney served at their hostel mess. A video of the incident has gone viral, prompting widespread concern about food safety on social media.

The brief video, captured by one of the students, shows the rat in a large container of chutney.

The rat reportedly fell into the chutney pot because it was left uncovered, sparking outrage among the university students.

This incident has triggered a heated debate on X, with social media users discussing hygiene standards and food safety in hostels.

“Hygiene of food in hostels is a major concern. Not that the taste is any good. If not to save some cost, nobody would like to have food in hostel mess,” one user commented.

Another user stated, “This is how you play with human life. Hostels are supposed to be safe havens, where students can focus on their studies without worrying about such nightmarish scenarios. Food safety is non-negotiable, and it’s high time we all take it seriously. Stay safe, everyone!”

Addressing the “scary scenario,” another user added, “This shocking discovery highlights the administration’s failure to ensure basic standards of hygiene and quality in educational institutions, putting the health and well-being of students at risk.”

By Rishi

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