Nani’s Bold Move: Partnering with Another Flop Director

By cinema manishi Jun 24, 2024 #nani

Tollywood actor Nani is known for collaborating with new directors, often facing mixed outcomes at the box office. Typically, actors avoid directors after a significant failure. Such is the case with Sailesh Kolanu, who, despite his successful HIT franchise, experienced a major setback with “Saindhav,” one of Tollywood’s biggest flops this year. Nevertheless, Nani is taking a risk by teaming up with Sailesh Kolanu for “HIT 3.”

Nani made a cameo as a police officer in “HIT 2” starring Adivi Sesh, hinting at his role continuation in “HIT 3.” Currently, Nani is working on “Saripodaa Sanivaaram,” directed by Vivek Athreya, known for “Ante Sundaraniki.” Although “Ante Sundaraniki” was a box office disappointment, Nani is giving Athreya another chance with this new project.

Continuing his trend, Nani is set to work with Sailesh Kolanu again for “HIT 3.” It’s clear that Nani prioritizes the script over box office results. Additionally, he is considering a collaboration with Venu, who gained recognition with “Balagam,” with an official announcement potentially coming later this year

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