Pawan Kalyan Takes Oath as MLA and Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

By cinema manishi Jun 21, 2024 #pawan kalyan

Tollywood actor Pawan Kalyan has made significant strides in his political career, having recently been elected as an MLA in the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections. After a disappointing loss in 2019, where he contested from two constituencies and lost both, this victory marks a momentous occasion for his fans and supporters.

Forming an alliance with the TDP contributed to his success, leading to his party, Jana Sena, winning 21 seats. Today is a particularly special day for Janasainiks (party workers and fans of the Jana Sena Party), as Pawan Kalyan took oath as an MLA and was also appointed Deputy Chief Minister, with several ministries under his control.

Among those receiving ministerial roles is Kandula Durgesh, who has been appointed as the Cinematography Minister. Durgesh recently met with Pawan Kalyan’s brother, Chiranjeevi, and assured efforts toward the development of Tollywood.

As for Pawan Kalyan’s acting career, it remains uncertain if he will take on new film projects. He currently has three films in the pipeline, which have been put on hold but are expected to be completed in the coming years. Fans are eager to see if he will continue to balance his dual roles in politics and cinema.

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