Pawan Kalyan’s Daughter Aadhya Upset and Depressed Over Social Media Controversy

Pawan Kalyan’s former wife, Renu Desai, recently took to Instagram to share a heartfelt post about their daughter Aadhya, who has been feeling upset and depressed due to a personal issue. A family picture of Pawan Kalyan, featuring his children and his current wife Anna Lezhneva, surfaced on social media, sparking controversy and negative comments.

The photo led to trolling, with many users questioning Anna Lezhneva’s presence and bringing up Renu Desai. This backlash deeply affected both Renu Desai and Aadhya, with Renu revealing that Aadhya cried after seeing the hurtful memes and comments. Renu appealed to the public to refrain from involving family matters in their trolling and expressed her frustration with those perpetuating the negativity.

Renu Desai often faces such trolls and frequently counters fans who cross the line with their comments. Recently, she responded to a fan who lamented her no longer being Pawan Kalyan’s wife. It remains to be seen how this situation will evolve. It might be best for Renu Desai to ignore these posts and reactions to avoid feeling distressed repeatedly

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