Pushpa 2 Expected to Rival KGF 2’s Success in Worst-Case Scenario

By cinema manishi Jul 10, 2024 #KGF 2 #pushpa 2

Kanguva producer Gananvel Raja has confirmed that a second part of the film is on its way, stating that it will be Suriya’s biggest and finest film of his career. In a recent interview, Raja also shared his thoughts on the upcoming major release, Pushpa 2, making bold predictions about its success.

Discussing the trend of pan-India movies, Raja highlighted how the business expansion of South Indian movies is performing exceptionally well in Hindi markets. He cited the example of KGF 1, which collected Rs. 40 crore nett in Hindi, while KGF 2 amassed ten times that amount.

Raja predicted a similar trajectory for Pushpa 2. He noted that the first film collected over Rs. 110 crore in Hindi, and the non-theatrical rights for Pushpa 2 are already around Rs. 240 crore to Rs. 250 crore. This showcases the immense business potential of the upcoming Sukumar-Allu Arjun project. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting releases.

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