Raj Tarun’s Controversy Deepens with Lavanya and Malvi Malhotra’s Allegations

By cinema manishi Jul 10, 2024 #raj tharun

The personal life of actor Raj Tarun has taken a dramatic turn as his girlfriend Lavanya approached the Narsingi police, alleging misconduct. Lavanya revealed that they have been in a relationship for 11 years and got married years ago. She accused Raj Tarun of having an affair with actress Malvi Malhotra and ignoring her for the past few months.

In response, Raj Tarun met with the media and claimed that Lavanya is addicted to drugs and denied any relationship with her. The controversy deepened as Malvi Malhotra shared her side of the story. Malvi filed a complaint against Lavanya, alleging that she sent inappropriate messages to her brother.

Lavanya then approached the Narsingi police station again, filing another complaint against Raj Tarun and Malvi Malhotra. This escalating issue between Raj Tarun and his girlfriend Lavanya is becoming increasingly complex and controversial.

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