Ramadan 2024: Importance, Wishes, messages and quotes to share with your friends and family

Ramadan, the sacred month of fasting, signifies the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is honored by Muslims worldwide. The commencement of this holy period is determined by Saudi Arabia’s moon sighting committee. This year, the Ramadan crescent moon was spotted in Saudi Arabia on the evening of March 10, prompting Muslims in the country to begin fasting from Monday, March 11. In India, the moon was sighted on March 11, hence fasting commenced on March 12.

Spanning between 29 to 30 days, Ramadan holds significant importance as one of the most revered observances in the Muslim community annually. Throughout this period, adherents devote themselves to fasting, prayer, engaging in charitable acts to serve the community, and engaging in introspection.

Ramadan commemorates the initial revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad, marking it as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. These pillars encompass Shahada (declaration of faith), Salat (prayer), Zakat (charitable giving), Sawm (fasting), and Hajj (pilgrimage).

  • With heartfelt wishes, we extend Ramzan Mubarak to you and your loved ones, praying for Allah’s blessings upon you. May this holy month bring happiness and prosperity into your lives. Ramadan Kareem!
  • May Allah illuminate your path with knowledge and bless your home with peace and warmth during this auspicious time. Wishing you health and prosperity throughout Ramadan and beyond.
  • As the crescent moon heralds the beginning of Ramadan, may Allah shower you with joy and fill your heart with contentment. Happy Ramadan!
  • May the spirit of Ramadan uplift your soul and provide you with the strength to overcome any obstacles. Ramadan Mubarak!
  • May Allah’s magnificence bring you happiness and prosperity. Ramadan Mubarak!

During this sacred month, all adult Muslims are obliged to observe fasting for almost four weeks and two days. Exceptions are made for travelers, individuals with severe illnesses, the elderly, pregnant women, menstruating women, and those with diabetes, who are not required to fast.

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