Renu Desai Responds to Being Called Unlucky by Fans

Renu Desai, who was married to actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan, has faced backlash from his fans despite maintaining a healthy relationship with him and their children. Pawan Kalyan’s fans labeled Renu Desai an “unlucky woman” after he took oath as the Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Taking to social media, Renu Desai expressed her hurt and frustration over being called unlucky. She stated, “I am so so hurt and tired of being called unlucky for so many years by some people just because my husband decided to leave and get married to someone else. Why is my luck only tied to one man? I feel like I am so blessed by life and I have so much gratitude for what I have rather than feeling bad for what I don’t have. Hope all the divorced women and men realize that they are not unlucky just because their marriage didn’t work out.”

Her heartfelt response aims to shed light on the unfair judgment faced by divorced individuals and to encourage them to see their worth beyond a failed marriage

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