Samantha Set to Star Opposite Shah Rukh Khan

Actress Samantha, known for her admiration of Shah Rukh Khan, has expressed her desire to work with him along with Mahesh Babu and Suriya in various interviews. Now, it seems Samantha’s dream of collaborating with Shah Rukh Khan might be on the verge of realization.

According to recent reports, Samantha is in talks to star alongside Shah Rukh Khan in a film directed by the talented Rajkumar Hirani. If confirmed, this would mark Samantha’s first film with Rajkumar Hirani and the second for Shah Rukh Khan under his direction.

Fans of both actors are eagerly anticipating an official announcement. Speculations suggest the film could be an action-packed patriotic venture, with further details expected to emerge in the coming weeks.

By Rishi

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