Shankar Explains Kamal Haasan’s New Look in Indian 2 Trailer

Since the release of Kamal Haasan and Shankar’s Indian 2 theatrical trailer, there has been significant discussion about the actor’s makeup. Senapathy, a legendary character in Indian cinema, was masterfully portrayed by Kamal in the first installment. However, his appearance in the Indian 2 trailer has sparked disappointment among netizens due to its noticeable differences.

Addressing this feedback, Shankar explained, “During the making of Indian, the prosthetic makeup was so thick that it obscured Kamal sir’s expressions, and he is undeniably one of the world’s finest actors. For Indian 2, I learned about advancements in prosthetics, which now allow for thinner layers and clearer visibility of an actor’s expressions.”

Shankar further elaborated, “I want the audience to fully experience Kamal sir’s performance, which is why his appearance differs. Initially, I envisioned an older, weaker Senapathy with a bald look and a hunchback to reflect his age. However, I discarded this idea. Senapathy symbolizes the common man’s anger and cannot be portrayed as weak. He is our very own superhero, akin to Superman and James Bond. Senapathy stands as a powerful representation of resilience and justice.”

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