SJ Suryah Confirms ‘Game Changer’ to Release Before ‘Indian 3’

Maverick filmmaker Shankar Shanmugham has been expertly balancing multiple high-profile projects over the past few years, simultaneously working on the big-ticket entertainers “Indian 2,” “Indian 3,” and “Game Changer.” “Indian 2,” starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role, is set for a grand release on July 12th, with the promotional activities in full swing.

Actor SJ Suryah, who has pivotal roles in all three films, made an intriguing revelation during the Telugu pre-release event of “Indian 2.” He urged fans, “Please watch ‘Indian 2’ on July 12th. During the success event of ‘Indian 2,’ we will release the ‘Indian 3’ trailer and announce its release date. But before that, ‘Game Changer’ will be released.”

He added, “I appear briefly in ‘Indian 2,’ but the movie has turned out well. However, in ‘Indian 3’ and ‘Game Changer,’ I have significant roles. I will surely amaze everyone.” In an interview, SJ Suryah shared that his impressive performance in “Game Changer” earned him a place in the Indian franchise, catching Shankar’s attention.

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