Sonu Sood’s Heartwarming Visit to Kumari Aunty’s Famous Food Stall in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Sonu Sood, actor and philanthropist, paid a visit to Kumari Aunty’s food stall located in Hitech City. Kumari Aunty gained widespread fame on the internet as her stall became a sensation, drawing numerous customers following a viral YouTube video by an influencer. Sonu Sood shared a video of their meeting with Kumari Aunty, captioning it on X, “YOU ARE YOUR ONLY LIMIT.” He praised Kumari Aunty as a symbol of quiet strength and unwavering resilience that resides within every woman. Sood urged everyone to support, celebrate, uplift, and empower these embodiments of boundless strength through both words and actions.

By Rishi

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