Sudheer Babu Advocates for Extended Theatrical Window in Telugu Film Industry

During the promotion of his upcoming film Harom Hara, actor Sudheer Babu shared his thoughts on the rapid rise of OTT platforms and their impact on the film industry. Sudheer highlighted that while OTT platforms are currently posing a threat to theatrical business, a balanced approach could allow both to thrive.

“Producers are securing lucrative deals from OTT platforms, leading to movies being released online within a short timeframe,” Sudheer stated. “Some films are debuting on digital platforms just two to three weeks after their theatrical release. Our industry needs to prolong the theatrical window to ensure sustainability.”

He further emphasized, “It’s crucial to understand that this is a strategic game. In the future, OTT platforms might set the terms. If we focus only on short-term profits, we risk diminishing theatrical releases altogether. Digital platforms will offer minimal returns if we’re not careful. We need to ensure a healthy gap of 40 to 50 days between theatrical and OTT releases.”

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