Sumalatha Ambareesh Reacts to Darshan’s Arrest: He’s Like My Son, I Know Him as a Loving Man

By Rishi Jul 5, 2024 #darshan

Actor-politician Sumalatha Ambareesh has released a statement on Instagram addressing the arrest of Darshan in connection with the alleged murder of Renukaswamy. In a heartfelt note written in Kannada, Sumalatha expressed her shock and detailed her longstanding relationship with Darshan, emphasizing the deep bond between their families.

She began by offering condolences to Renukaswamy’s family and expressing her prayers for his parents and wife, while also advocating for legal justice to prevail.

Responding to criticisms about her initial silence following Darshan’s arrest on June 11, Sumalatha defended her relationship with Darshan, stating, “You do not understand the bond between my family and Darshan’s family. I have known him for 25 years, even before he became a star. Beyond his stardom, Darshan is like a family member to me, like a son. He always referred to Ambareesh as his father and gave me a special place in his life. No mother likes to see her son in such a situation.”

She affirmed her belief in Darshan’s character, asserting, “I know Darshan as a man with a loving and generous heart. His compassion for animals and willingness to help those in need testify to his character. I believe Darshan is not the type of person to commit such a crime,” and indicated her decision not to comment further as the matter is sub judice.

Sumalatha also defended Darshan’s family against public scrutiny, particularly Darshan’s wife, Vijayalakshmi, and son Vinish, reminding everyone that Darshan is still an accused awaiting a fair trial. She expressed concern over the impact on the Kannada film industry, describing the situation as a ‘family problem’ that has brought Sandalwood to a standstill, and urged Darshan’s fans to maintain calm.

Regarding the latest developments in the case, a Bengaluru court has extended judicial custody for Darshan, Pavithra Gowda, and other accused until July 18. The accused participated in the court proceedings via video conferencing from Bengaluru and Tumakuru prisons. They were arrested following the murder of Renukaswamy on June 9, allegedly due to a dispute arising from obscene messages sent by Renukaswamy to Pavithra on social media.

By Rishi

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