Vijay Sethupathi’s Maharaja Dominates Box Office, Crosses 50 Crores

Vijay Sethupathi’s latest film, Maharaja, has become the top choice for moviegoers in Tamil Nadu and the Telugu states. The movie has already surpassed the 50-crore mark and continues to perform exceptionally well at the box office. The actor is vigorously promoting the film, aiming to reach a broader audience.

In a recent interview, Vijay Sethupathi shared his thoughts on the challenges of playing villain roles. When asked about his boundaries on screen, he said, “There are a lot of things. It depends on how the stories are told. People can tell any kind of story, but it should have ethics. Even the antagonist’s role should have some ethics.”

He elaborated, “The role shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Actors and directors may have different opinions and emotions. But when you are making a film, you are making it for everyone. We need to work very carefully. For example, we shouldn’t support superstitions. Sometimes, we need to show the bad things to prove what is good. But here also some ethics should be involved. Because cinema might influence people.”

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