After Chatrapathi in Hindi flopped, Bellamkonda Sreenivas took a break.

He finalized several new projects and returned from shooting Tyson Naidu in Rajasthan.

Directed by Sagar Chandra, Tyson Naidu is produced by 14 Reels Plus.

Sreenivas will launch a new film with debutant Ludheer on July 1st.

Chandu Mahesh and Sai Sashank are producing this upcoming film.

The team is considering three titles: Vaamana, Udbhava, and Haindava.

Sreenivas prefers the title Haindava; final decision pending.

The title will be announced at the film’s official launch.

This mass entertainer, starring Samyuktha Menen, has a Rs 50 crore budget.

Sreenivas also greenlit projects with Kaushik (Kishkindapuri) and Vijay Kanakamedala.