Amidst great anticipation, Kalki 2898 AD releases worldwide, directed by visionary Nag Ashwin.

Set in dystopian Kashi, Supreme Yaskin’s fertility lab selects Sumathi for his grand experiment.

Bhairava, a ruthless bounty hunter, dreams of entering Complex for a better life.

Ashwatthama emerges to save Sumathi, leading to a fierce clash with Bhairava.

Prabhas excels as Bhairava, a quirky bounty hunter with engaging scenes and digital companion Bujji.

Amitabh Bachchan’s Ashwatthama is the film’s highlight, with powerful presence and minimal dialogue.

Deepika Padukone shines as Sumathi, delivering emotional depth and heartwarming moments.

Kamal Haasan captivates as antagonist Supreme Yaskin, with intense dialogue delivery and fierce expressions.

Supporting actors enhance the film, with high-octane second half and breathtaking climax.

Despite a slow first half, Kalki 2898 AD is a must-watch cinematic experience. Secure your tickets now!