"Love Me" starring Ashish and Vaishnavi Chaitanya, releases today. Directed by Arun Bhimavarapu.

Arjun (Ashish), a YouTuber, falls in love with the ghost Divyavathi.

He uncovers the mystery of Divyavathi with help from Prathap and Priya.

Ashish delivers a mature performance, showing improvement from his debut film.

The film starts with an intriguing ghost backstory but becomes flat.

The hero's love for a ghost is unique but poorly presented.

The second half is confusing with too many characters and information.

Vaishnavi Chaitanya's role is underdeveloped, limiting her performance.

P.C. Sreeram's visuals are splendid; Keeravani’s score is decent.

Overall, "Love Me" is a confusing and unconvincing thriller. Best to skip this one.