Getup Srinu shines as the lead in "Raju Yadav," released May 24, 2024.

Raju Yadav's life changes after a cricket injury causes a constant smile.

Raju's family can't afford surgery; he meets and falls for Sweety.

Getup Srinu's consistent facial expression is a tough task he handles well.

Fun scenes with friends evoke laughter; Ananda Chakrapani plays Raju's father.

The screenplay falls short, making much of the film feel boring.

Ankitha Kharat's character resembles roles from blockbuster movies, lacking originality.

Climactic scenes hold emotional depth, but the rest lacks impact.

Music is passable; cinematography is fine, but editing tests patience.

"Raju Yadav" is a tedious romantic drama, despite Getup Srinu's commendable performance.