Sai Dharam Tej, formerly Sai Dharam Tej, boldly confronts inappropriate YouTuber comments.

Tej gained social media fame for addressing pedophilic remarks about a father and daughter.

He is deeply involved in a new project, directed by newcomer Rohit and produced by K Niranjan Reddy.

The film has generated excitement for its ambitious scale and high production values.

Filming began recently on specially constructed sets in Hyderabad.

The first schedule is complete, with 13 grand sets enhancing the story's grandeur.

Details about the film’s heroine and other cast members are still secret.

Primeshow Entertainment invests Rs. 120 crores, showing strong confidence in the film.

Expected release in August 2025, marking a significant milestone in Tej’s career.

Fans eagerly await this major highlight in Sai Dharam Tej’s journey.