Yakshini, starring Vedhika and Rahul Vijay, released June 14, 2024, on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Vedhika's OTT debut as Maya, a cursed Yakshini, in this Telugu fantasy series.

Maya must kill 100 humans to return to Alkapuri, including a willing virgin.

She marries Krishna (Rahul Vijay), her chosen 100th victim, but complications arise.

Mahakal (Ajay) intervenes, causing tension and questioning Maya's deadly plan.

Lakshmi Manchu plays Jwalamukhi, with a pivotal role in the unfolding drama.

Strong performances by Vedhika and Rahul, but predictable and simple storyline.

Adequate production quality, but disappointing CG work considering Baahubali producers' involvement.

Despite entertaining moments, the series lacks gripping twists and emotional depth.

Yakshini: Enjoyable in parts, but keep expectations low for this fantasy thriller.