10 things Indian children expect from their Parents

Each child is unique and has unique gifts and strengths but the most important and unspoken communication that every child does through his/her behaviour, body language or eyes, always comes from one place which is hoping that parents understand their uniqueness and talents. Most parents are not able to differentiate that their child is born through them, not for them.

Talking about what children want their parents to know:

1.Children want the parents to be interested in their opinions and seek information from them, which the parents might not be aware of. Children want to be silly at times and not be stressed about it because the parent wants them to be highly disciplined. 

2.Children look forward to your guidance and approval when required. 

3.Children want time to go outside and play, watch their favourite movies or shows and not just be burdened with back to back lectures and classes.”

4.Children enjoy conversation with parents before bedtime. Children want their parents to make plans with them which they can look forward to. 

5.Apart from all the love, affection and care, children also expect some private time for them-selves and would want the parents to respect it. In a nutshell, parenting is no cake walk, but to your surprise, it can be made easier with your child’s help. Build a strong relationship with your children and encourage them to flourish into responsible, young adults.

6.They need your hugs and kisses wherever you go, imagine your child’s day start with your love, he goes happily to school,learn many new things and activities, 

7.They need their parents to accept them as they are, they never like comparing them with another boy or girl.

8.Care them, so that they will learn the discipline, how to behave and many factors.

9.Cuddle them and do your favorite activities together, this will make them happy and loved.

10.They need you to say bedtime stories. when they sleep they need you at any cause.

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