5 ways to earn money from Chat GPT

By Nikita Agrawal Apr 16, 2024 #chat gpt

1.Get Business Ideas From ChatGPT

 In case you didn’t know, ChatGPT is excellent at producing fresh concepts for your passive income.

You can use this prompt –

I want to start a side hustle using ChatGPT. I want to take advantage of your technology but I’m not sure where to start. Please ask me as many questions as you like so you can help me with your best ability. 

2.E-Mail Writing

Emails are most prominent in digital marketing, the software industry, and many more domains. 

You can take the help of Chat GPT in writing emails and deliver them to various candidates and get paid. This can be an easy side hustle to earn online.

3. Create PPTs 

PowerPoint Presentations are widely used in school education or in seminars in Colleges, Institutions and Multi National Companies.

These PPTs can be sold to various organizations or persons based on the content in them.

You have to install the Python PPT prompt or have to run the VBA code in PPT.

4.Resume Creation

For getting a job your first requirement is to build a good resume.Creating a resume can be a difficult task for people who are going to start their careers. In such cases, they search for online experts who can create the best resume that can place them in their dream job.

5.Social Media Managing

Social media is the biggest hub of marketing this days. Almost every company from street side to Multi National Company are opening social media accounts and increase their visibility. ChatGPT can help in idea bombing for various products. It gives ideas for videos, images, and many more. 

These companies need someone to manage their accounts, create creative content and market them.

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