Abhinav Gomatam Starrer “Masthu Shades Unnai Ra” Makes Digital Debut on Prime Video

Abhinav Gomatam rose to prominence with the hit youthful entertainer “Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi.” The film features a memorable dialogue that inspired the title of his recent venture, “Masthu Shades Unnai Ra.” Directed by Thirupathi Rao and starring Vaishali Raj as the female lead, this movie offers a slice-of-life narrative.

Making its digital debut on Prime Video, “Masthu Shades Unnai Ra” is now available for streaming in Telugu with English subtitles. The film quickly climbed the ranks, securing a spot in the top 10 on Prime Video (India), thanks to its heartfelt storytelling. Abhinav Gomatam and Vaishali Raj’s performances have received acclaim for their authenticity and depth.

The ensemble cast includes Ali Reza, Moin, Nizhalgal Ravi, Aananda Chakrapani, Tharun Bhascker, Ravinder Reddy, Lavanya Reddy, Jyothi Reddy, Surya, Rocket Raghava, Swetha Awasti, Sai Krishna, and Phani Chandrasekhar, each playing integral roles.

Produced by Bhavani Kasula, Aarem Reddy, and Prashanth V under the banner of Kasula Creative Works, “Masthu Shades Unnai Ra” features music by Sanjeev and background score by Samuel Aby.

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