Actor Kiran Abbavaram Opens Up About Engagement and Honest Film Critique

In a heartwarming turn of events, actor Kiran Abbavaram recently announced his engagement to actress Rahasya Gorak, his co-star from his debut film “Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru.” Their on-screen chemistry evidently translated into real-life love, marking a delightful chapter in their journey.

Despite facing setbacks with consecutive film failures, Kiran is determined to refocus his energy on his upcoming projects. In a recent interview, he candidly revealed an incident where he walked out of a film screening midway. Expressing his disappointment, Kiran admitted, “As the film reached the interval, I understood we didn’t get it right. I myself said that it is a horrible film which cannot be watched. Hence, I came out of the screening.”

However, Kiran chose not to disclose the title of the film, emphasizing the importance of honesty in critiquing one’s own work. He elaborated, “My teammates told me it isn’t the right thing to do since I am the hero of the film. What if I am the protagonist? We can’t call a bad film as a good film.”

Looking ahead, Kiran is gearing up for his next project, the romantic drama “Dil Ruba,” where he stars alongside Rukshar Dhillon as the female lead.

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