Allari Naresh Announces Sudigadu 2: A Sequel to the Blockbuster Parody with Fresh Scripts and Global Appeal

By cinema manishi Apr 26, 2024 #allari naresh

Allari Naresh, a well-known actor in the Telugu film industry, recently shared exciting news about a new project. During the promotions of his latest film “Aa Okkati Adakku,” Naresh announced that he is working on the script for “Sudigadu 2,” a sequel to his 2012 blockbuster hit “Sudigadu.” The original film was a massive success and holds the record as Naresh’s highest-grossing movie, which has sparked significant interest in the second installment.

In a recent interview, Allari Naresh revealed more details about “Sudigadu 2.” He stated, “Sudigadu is very special to me, and fans have frequently asked me to make a sequel. I am currently writing the script for the second part, with some crazy ideas in mind. However, it’s going to take some time.” Naresh explained that the success of “Sudigadu” largely came from mimicking famous movie scenes, so for the sequel, he needs to consider all the hit films released from 2012 to 2024, making it a lengthy process.

Naresh also mentioned that the challenge of creating a parody film lies in choosing scenes that resonate with contemporary audiences. “For parody films like these, we need to imitate scenes that are widely recognized by viewers,” he said. “If we use scenes from the 80s or 90s, the current generation may not relate to them. That’s why I’m focusing on films from the last decade.”

While he is writing the script for “Sudigadu 2,” Naresh clarified that he will not be directing the sequel. He also shared a humorous story about how the original “Sudigadu” was sometimes misunderstood. An industrialist from North India once remarked that South Indian films lacked logic after watching a song from the movie. Naresh had to explain that it was a spoof film, but back then, the concept of a parody film wasn’t widely recognized.

With “Sudigadu 2,” Naresh aims to create a movie that not only appeals to his loyal fans but also attracts a broader audience, including Bollywood. His recent trip to Turkey illustrated the global reach of “Sudigadu,” as he was recognized by a local there. This incident reinforced Naresh’s belief that “Sudigadu 2” has the potential to captivate audiences far and wide.

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