Anjana Devi Unveils Teaser for ‘The 100’: A Chiranjeevi Production

By Rishi Apr 26, 2024 #chiranjeevi

Renowned for his iconic role in the widely acclaimed TV series “Mogali Rekulu,” RK Sagar is gearing up to captivate audiences once again with his upcoming film, “The 100.” Penned and directed by Raghav Omkar Sasidhar, the movie has once more taken center stage in the spotlight.

Today marked the launch of the teaser for this much-anticipated film, with the honor of unveiling bestowed upon none other than Anjana Devi, the mother of Megastar Chiranjeevi. Opening with IPS Officer Vikranth under investigation by the Human Rights Commission for his alleged involvement in a series of mass murders targeting notorious criminals on the city’s outskirts, the teaser sets a gripping tone. Unfazed by media scrutiny or bureaucratic pressure, the protagonist staunchly adheres to his unconventional methods in combating crime, regardless of the consequences.

The teaser succinctly captures the audacious demeanor of the principled IPS Officer, portrayed with compelling intensity by RK Sagar. Raghav Omkar Sasidhar’s direction skillfully accentuates the character’s resolve, promising an adrenaline-fueled narrative filled with riveting action sequences.

Misha Narang takes the lead as the female protagonist, with Dhanya Balakrishna portraying a pivotal role. Cinematography is helmed by Shyam K Naidu, while the musical score is composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar. Editing duties are entrusted to Amar Reddy Kudumula, with Chinna contributing as the production designer. “The 100” is jointly produced by Ramesh Karutoori, Venki Pushadapu, and J Tharak Ram under the banners of KRIA Film Corp and Dhamma Productions, and it is set to make its theatrical debut soon.

By Rishi

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