AP Election Results: Pawan Kalyan Celebrates Historic Victory with Wife Anna Lezhneva

The mandate for the AP Elections 2024 has been announced, with the NDA Alliance achieving a historic victory, securing over 160 assembly seats. This marks the largest win in Andhra Pradesh since the bifurcation. A standout figure in this election is Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, whose influence was pivotal in forming the alliance with TDP and BJP.

Pawan Kalyan contested from Pithapuram and achieved a decisive victory over his opponent, Vanga Geetha, with a majority of 70,354 votes. He celebrated this resounding win with his wife, Anna Lezhneva, at their residence in Hyderabad. A video of their celebration is now going viral on social media.

On this memorable occasion, Anna Konidela applied a tilaka to Pawan Kalyan’s forehead. Pawan is visibly overjoyed by the record-breaking win. The latest update is that Pawan Kalyan has set out for Mangalagiri amidst a frenzy of fans and celebrations.

By Rishi

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