Are You Depressed Over Pregnancy Weight Gain?

By cinema manishi Apr 6, 2024 #pregnancy

Yes, weight increases during pregnancy. It’s a challenging subject. Yes, you do need to put on weight. 

But not too much, not too fast, and God forbid you get any of it in your ass instead of that idealised tiny all-in-front baby bump form that society has strangely come to idealize—like “I’ve swallowed a watermelon or maybe just ate a big sandwich.”

 It is not appropriate for you to feel conceited or depressed about your changing appearance during pregnancy.

Weight gain is an inevitable, normal part of pregnancy. Your emotions about it right now, not so much, and you don’t have to go through your pregnancy feeling like this.

Rapid weight gain (like 3 pounds in a single week) in the second and third trimester can indicate preeclampsia, but 11 pounds put on fairly steadily over 15 weeks doesn’t sound like that’s what’s going on. Your doctor might recommend checking the sodium content in your food

some women just gain more weight than others, even with virtually identical diets/exercise plans. It can be genetic (like how much your mother gained) or just tied to your pre-pregnancy weight and body type. And the weight gain recommendations are all over the freaking place. 

Even your worst-case scenario of 33 pounds at 40 weeks is hardly a shocking number. A woman in a healthy weight range pre-pregnancy should expect to gain between 25 and 35 pounds.

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