Ayalaan: Siva Karthikeyan and Rakul Preet Singh Starrer Ready to Stream in Telugu

The much-anticipated release of “Ayalaan,” featuring Siva Karthikeyan and Rakul Preet Singh, during this year’s Sankranthi season marked a significant event for Tamil cinema enthusiasts. Despite facing multiple delays, the film eventually hit the screens, garnering respectable box office numbers among Sankranthi releases in Tamil.

Originally slated for a Telugu release, various hurdles prevented its theatrical debut. However, the Telugu version is now set to premiere on OTT platforms. Initially intended for release during the Sankranthi season, “Ayalaan” faced stiff competition from other films like “Hanuman” and “Guntur Kaaram,” leading to its postponement. Subsequent attempts to release it on Republic Day were hindered by financial constraints.

Despite the challenges, “Ayalaan” emerged as a commendable success in Tamil Nadu, particularly lauded for its portrayal of the sci-fi genre. The anticipation for its Telugu streaming is palpable, especially considering its performance comparable to Dhanush’s “Captain Miller,” a film with pan-India appeal.

Set to debut on Sun NXT from April 19th, “Ayalaan” is poised to captivate Telugu audiences with its unique blend of entertainment and sci-fi elements. Fans eagerly await its digital premiere, expecting it to make a significant impact even on OTT platforms.

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