Bhimaa: A Mixed Bag of Massy Action and Missteps


Gopichand, known for his action-packed roles, pins his hopes on the action drama “Bhimaa,” directed by Kannada filmmaker A. Harsha. Featuring Malvika Sharma and Priya Bhavani Shankar as the female leads, the film hit the screens on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri. Let’s delve into the story and see how it fares.


The story revolves around Bhimaa (played by Gopichand), a playful yet unique cop known for his unconventional methods. His confrontations with the antagonist Bhavani (Mukesh Tiwari) stir up trouble in Mahendragiri. Amidst this, Bhimaa falls for Vidya (Malvika Sharma), a school teacher with profound respect for Ravindra Varma (Nassar), known for his medicinal prowess. Ravindra Varma’s request turns Bhimaa’s life upside down, setting the stage for a gripping tale of twists and turns.


Gopichand delivers a powerhouse performance, portraying a multi-dimensional character with remarkable energy and intensity. His macho persona and playful demeanor resonate well with the audience.

The film’s narrative kicks off on an engaging note, offering insights into the origins of Parasuramuni Kshetram. The interval sequence raises anticipation for the second half, while the climax delivers powerful emotions and heroism.

Supporting cast members like Malvika Sharma, Naresh, Mukesh Tiwari, and others contribute effectively to the story, with special mention to Vennela Kishore and Rohini for their comedic touch.

Technical Aspects:

Cinematographer Swami J. Gowda captures stunning visuals, particularly in the night sequences, enhancing the film’s visual appeal.

Ravi Basrur’s background score elevates the intensity of high-voltage action sequences, adding depth to the narrative.

Director A. Harsha blends fantasy elements seamlessly into the mass-action genre, crafting impactful mass scenes and climactic moments.


Despite strong performances and gripping moments, “Bhimaa” loses momentum as it progresses, particularly with the introduction of the love track. The excessive focus on this aspect may alienate some viewers and detract from the film’s overall impact.

The screenplay’s back-and-forth style leads to confusion at times, making it challenging to follow the narrative timelines effectively.


“Bhimaa” offers a mixed bag of massy action and narrative missteps. While Gopichand’s dynamic portrayal and well-executed sequences provide entertainment, shortcomings in execution, particularly with the love track, hinder its overall impact. Nevertheless, the film holds appeal for mass audiences, albeit falling short of its full potential.

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