Bigg Boss Contender Shanmukh Jaswanth and His Brother Arrested in Ganja Case: Shocks Fans

By cinema manishi Feb 22, 2024 #Bigg boss #shannu

Popular YouTuber, influencer, and former Bigg Boss contestant, Shanmukh Jaswant, along with his brother Sampath Vinay, have been apprehended by the police on charges related to the possession of Ganja. The incident unfolded when a young woman lodged a complaint against Sampath for allegedly being in possession of cannabis. Subsequently, the authorities conducted a raid on the residence shared by Sampath and Shanmukh. During the search operation, cannabis was discovered, leading to the arrest of both brothers.

This development adds Shanmukh’s name to the growing list of internet celebrities, including Pallavi Prashanth and Chandoo Sai, who have faced legal issues stemming from various offenses. Shanmukh, renowned for his web series “Software Developer” and “Surya,” now finds himself embroiled in this controversy.

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