Buzz Alert: Teja Sajja’s Next Venture After Hanu-Man

By Rishi Apr 21, 2024 #teja sajja

Following the massive success of the pan-Indian superhero blockbuster “Hanu-Man,” Teja Sajja embarks on his next big venture with “Mirai,” capturing the attention of cinephiles with its recent title glimpse.

Director Karthik Ghattamaneni has teased fans with the promise of unveiling the antagonist, portrayed by Manchu Manoj, on the actor’s upcoming birthday next month. Amidst this excitement, speculation swirls about Dulquer Salmaan’s involvement, with rumors suggesting his continued participation in the film and anticipation building for the commencement of his scenes. Fans eagerly await official confirmation from the production house.

Ritika Nayak shares the spotlight opposite Teja Sajja in this multilingual release, spanning 7 languages including Chinese. Backed financially by People Media Factory, “Mirai” is poised for a grand release on April 18, 2025, with composer Gowra Hari’s music setting the tone for the highly anticipated film.

By Rishi

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