Chiranjeevi: Varun Tej’s Relationship with Lavanya Tripathi Kept Under Wraps

During the pre-release event of “Operation Valentine,” Chiranjeevi delighted the audience with some playful banter about Varun Tej and Lavanya Tripathi. Suma Kanakala, the event’s host, couldn’t resist asking Megastar why he hadn’t spilled the beans about Varun Tej’s relationship with Lavanya Tripathi.

Chiranjeevi responded with a chuckle, “Varun Tej tells me everything, but surprisingly, he kept his relationship with Lavanya a secret. He often mentions that I’m his source of inspiration. So, just as he seeks inspiration from me, he should’ve taken a cue and shared his news about Lavanya. Varun even confides in me about things he can’t discuss with his father. I’m a little peeved he didn’t spill the beans about Lavanya (jokingly).”

Varun Tej, in good spirits, replied, “That’s because I hold Chiranjeevi Garu in the highest regard and have a healthy fear of him. But the first person in my family whom I confided in about Lavanya Tripathi was Peddha Nanna (Chiranjeevi).” This light-hearted exchange between Chiru and Varun quickly went viral on social media platforms.

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