Coconut water vs Lemon water : Which is healthier for this Summer

Both are super refreshing and versatile and has many health benefits.

As temperature hikes during summer months many people suffer dehydration due to excessive sweating and staying for too long under sun.

Coconut water is considered as idea water for keeping your body hydrated. Coconut water contains Potassium, Vitamin A, B , C,iron and sodium.

Coconuts have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which makes them fantastic for disease prevention.

While lemon contains iron, vitamin C, fiber and anti- diabetic antioxidants. According to nutritionist,  Sugar should not be added in lemonade.

Both brown and white sugar is harmful to health.

lemon juice may help to improve digestion and promote hydration. However, drinking lemon juice alone can damage tooth enamel due to its acidic nature, and it is best consumed in moderation or diluted with water.

It is impossible to identify which one is more beneficial to health. As there is only minor difference in nutrient content of two.

However, Coconut water weighs little heavy on the pocket.

A balanced and varied diet, along with regular exercise and adequate sleep, is still the foundation of good health. 

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