Critical Times for Puri Jagan: Will Double Ismart Revive His Fortunes?

By Rishi May 13, 2024 #puri jagan

Puri Jagan finds himself in a challenging situation, determined to navigate through it at all costs. Despite bold claims of success, his film “Liger” experienced a significant setback, emerging as one of Telugu cinema’s biggest flops and inflicting substantial losses on Puri. Now, his latest venture, “Double Ismart,” has encountered its share of hurdles.

The production faced a nearly three-month hiatus due to financial constraints. However, with matters now resolved, anticipation builds as the film’s teaser is set to debut on May 15, coinciding with hero Ram Pothineni’s birthday.

The stakes are high for “Double Ismart,” particularly as Ram contends with a series of disappointing performances. The teaser’s reception holds the key to Puri’s redemption, as it will determine the film’s trajectory and impact on pre-release business.

The industry eagerly awaits the teaser’s unveiling, poised to gauge whether it will alleviate the pressure on Puri and usher in a new era of success. Will “Double Ismart” deliver the anticipated turnaround? Only time will tell.

By Rishi

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