Debunking the Hype: Is Premalu Overrated?

By cinema manishi Apr 13, 2024 #premalu

Premalu, the Malayalam sensation, achieved remarkable success, grossing over 100 crores worldwide and garnering unanimous praise. However, its recent OTT release has sparked discussions about its alleged overrated status.

Despite its humble cast, Premalu’s appeal transcended boundaries, attracting Telugu buyers like SS Karthikeya, who distributed it in the Telugu states, where it grossed nearly 15 crores. Yet, post-OTT release, contrasting opinions have emerged among viewers.

Premalu, a rom-com entertainer, made its OTT debut on Aha in Telugu and Disney+Hotstar in Malayalam, triggering mixed reactions. While some viewers express enthusiasm, others question the excessive acclaim, deeming it overrated.

Originally crafted with a low-star cast, Premalu’s newfound resonance with audiences of different languages underscores its broad appeal. Nevertheless, amidst its success, a segment of Telugu viewers now perceive it as overhyped, attributing this sentiment to internet endorsements.

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