Devil: Day 1 Box Office Collections Mark an Ordinary Start

Devil, starring Kalyan Ram, kicked off its box office journey with a rather modest start on Day 1. The film opted for a risky release date, hitting theaters just a week after the release of Salaar, and with the upcoming Sankranthi featuring a crowded lineup of multiple films. Despite being crafted with a substantial budget of 45Cr, Devil’s Day 1 box office collections were ordinary.

The Satellite and Digital rights of the film are reportedly valued at 25Cr, providing some financial cushion. To break even, Devil needs to accumulate a share of 20Cr+ worldwide from theatrical releases, a significant target for a hero like Kalyan Ram.

Receiving an average to above-average word of mouth and reviews, the film failed to generate substantial pre-release buzz, which could have significantly impacted its opening weekend numbers and overall success. Devil is expected to debut with an approximate 2Cr share globally, representing only a 10% recovery. To secure its status as a profitable venture, the film must experience a substantial surge in the next three days; otherwise, it may incur losses.

Set in the British era, Devil unfolds as a period drama with Samyuktha as the heroine and Kalyan Ram portraying a British agent. Malavika Nair plays a pivotal role, and the film is produced under Abhishek’s banner. Srikanth Vissa contributed to the story and dialogues, while Soundarajan handled cinematography, and Gandhi Nadikudikar managed the artwork. The music for Devil is scored by Harshavardhan Rameshwar.

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