Devil Day 2 Box Office Report: Total Collections

Devil Day 2 witnessed disappointing box office collections, falling below expectations. Despite receiving favorable reviews and positive word of mouth, Kalyan Ram’s latest Telugu release faced a lackluster opening day due to weak buzz and inadequate promotions. The ongoing success of Salaar in theaters this week further impacted Devil’s performance.

Hopes for an improvement on day 2 were dashed as the film experienced an even steeper drop. Many centers reported a decline of 40% to 50%, resulting in a day 2 collection of approximately 1.2 crore share. This brings the total worldwide share to around 3.4 crore.

With theatrical rights valued at 20 crore, the film’s meager 3.4 crore share is a subpar performance. To have any chance of success, Devil needs a significant surge in collections today and tomorrow to surpass double-digit shares. Despite the team’s announcement of a Part 2, the lackluster performance of Part 1 raises doubts about the viability of a sequel.

The cast of Devil includes Malvika Nair, Ajay, Satya, Edward Sonnenblick, Elnaaz Norouzi, Srikanth Iyengar, and Seetha in key roles. The film’s music was composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar, and its digital rights were acquired by Prime Video. Abhishek Nama served as both the producer and director of this Kalyan Ram starrer.

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