Dissecting Vijay Deverakonda’s Recent Judgement Misfires

Tollywood sensation Vijay Deverakonda encountered a recent setback with his film “Family Star,” plunging into disappointment following its lackluster performance post-release. Despite generating significant hype beforehand, the film struggled to garner positive reviews and suffered from unfavorable word of mouth right from its debut, failing to recover thereafter. This recurring pattern raises questions about Deverakonda’s judgment and foresight regarding his projects.

Known for his unwavering confidence during press meets and promotional events, Deverakonda often boldly predicts box office success, only to witness his films falter miserably. This inconsistency prompts speculation about whether he truly assesses the potential of his projects or simply relies on his star power for success, a mindset that warrants reconsideration.

Continuing down this path risks eroding audience trust in his statements regarding future endeavors. “Family Star” serves as a glaring example of this disconnect, as Deverakonda and his team reiterated their confidence despite the film’s underwhelming reception. At the pre-release event, Deverakonda attributed any potential achievements to director Parasuram, adopting a tone more fitting for a success celebration. It’s imperative for Deverakonda to temper his enthusiasm and reserve judgment until a film’s performance is established post-release.

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